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For decades of experience in Domain Investing and other related Internet Business. I was able to increase my premium digital real estate (valuable domain properties) from around to 1000+ and still counting. I don’t have the time to develop them all as a profitable online business so some of them are available for lease to anyone to bring their ideas to life without spending millions of budget in domain name to start the project rolling.

Your domain name place holder is one of the most important “must have” to start your business to get the exposure it need, customer will remember it and easy to share. For example MiniFan.com, perfect for selling “minifan” for smart phone, memorable name and easy to market on its own niche.

I categorized them from Premium, Generic, Location, Brandable, and Numeric domain properties. I’m sure you will find a good name for your business.

Premium – Lease it for $5500 /month

Generic – Lease it for $2000 /month

  1. Acknowledgement.com (leased)
  2. ByStander.com
  3. Carnivorous.com 
  4. Creux.com (leased)
  5. FabMe.com 
  6. HomeTrip.com 
  7. IndustryStandard.com (leased)
  8. KnittyGritty.com (leased)
  9. Matrona.com 
  10. MiniFan.com (leased) 
  11. PetsCorner.com
  12. TradingPlace.com
  13. Talked.com
  14. Yehey.com and Yehey.org (Developed)

CryptoCurrencies – Lease it for $3000 /month

  1. 2Crypto.com
  2. CryptoForever.com
  3. EOSVirtual.com
  4. MyScoop.com
  5. PesosToken.com (leased)
  6. OnlineBuzz.com (leased)
  7. Steeming.com (leased)
  8. SteemWallet.com
  9. SwapToken.com (leased)

Location – Lease it for $1000 /month

  1. Bicol.com (leased)
  2. Buckie.com 
  3. Cavite.com (leased)
  4. Chicago-City.com 
  5. Cubao.com (leased)
  6. DCweb.com 
  7. Espanya.com 
  8. FairfaxCity.com (leased)
  9. Halliford.com
  10. ManassasPark.com (leased)
  11. Pressburg.com
  12. PuertoPrincesa.com (leased)
  13. Pulaski.com (leased)
  14. Tanauan.com
  15. Zambales.com (leased)

Brandable – Lease it for $1000 /month

  1. AYAW.com
  2. CMOD.com 
  3. DOKS.com (leased)
  4. ETCD.com (leased)
  5. GPAS.com (leased)
  6. IKCA.com
  7. INQX.com
  8. JCEP.com
  9. MMAW.com (leased)
  10. MSFE.com (leased)
  11. SQIT.com (leased)
  12. TWAB.com (leased)
  13. UMQL.com
  14. UIID.com
  15. VGIE.com (leased)
  16. DPMV.com
Thank you,
Founder, MAJ.com
Email: Support @MAJ.com

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